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“It began with rabbit farming, aged 9:

“It was not all success. Records show that some rabbits did not reach maturity. Poor ‘Sleek’ born on the 2nd January 1961 was killed by a cat. Holly, born 4 Aug 1960, drowned with her brother having fallen into the water trough as a baby. Though ‘Moss’ is noted to have, ‘run away out of a hole in the Rabbits, risk and reward, autobiography wire.’  And no doubt my brothers were accused for the disappearance of ‘Lippety’ for whom it is somewhat menacingly recorded, ‘somebody left the hutch door open and it ran away.’”

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Fun memoirs Vol 2 & 3. Book 4 devotional

Book 4 Devotional
Rook pie
and the road to riches

Book 2

First Fruits

Book 3

Strong for the week

Book 4

Book 1 'Rabbits...