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Viva - Together for Children

Patrick McDonald


“I believe in God. I think he made us because he wanted company. God is enormously interested in what we think, do and say. Yet we have all chosen, in various ways, to ignore that and live life more or less as though God didn't exist. This is quite silly really when you think about it, as God is out to help us, as he is our closest ally and best friend.


“Tony has lived a full life of travel, faith and adventure. From his the sale of his first rabbit and to the European Union and on to faith journeys across the world Tony has known and knows this God and his story is one many of us could share but illuminated by the kind pervasive and transformative presence of an extra-ordinary God. Maybe reading this book will challenge you to reflect on what road God wants you travelling down next. That could be fun, meaningful and perhaps just a bit scary!”

Rabbits, risk and reward chapters 1-5

Chapter 1: Bunny Nibbles to pig politics

Chapter 2: Markets - the art of dealing

Chapter 3: Brussels - lobbying

Chapter 4: Milk - straight from the cow

Chapter 5: Not imprisoned by words


Chapter 6: East Europe

Chapter 7: The Bear, is this Russia?

Chapter 8: A form for dead rabbits

Chapter 9: An award from the Queen

Chapter 10: Getting out of the boat

Chapter 11: Campaigning for causes

Chapter 12 Skyfarm

Chapter 13 Focus on friendship

Chapter 14 Drawn to Spain

Chapter 15 Esperanza

Chapter 16: Medical devices

Chapter 17: El Camino

Chapter 18 Risk and Reward

Chapters 6 to 14
Book contents: Rabbits, risk and reward

Luke 23:34, 4, 46; John 19:26-27, 28, 30; Mark 15:34

Message through pain Born on the tree, mercy spoken for you and me Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing


Compassion's gift Words of comfort

when each breath is such effort Dearest woman there now is your son John there your mother


Hear the invite told on the Cross

Jesus gives His life for you I tell you the truth today you will be with me in paradise


Nailed pierced hands blooded and torn

My strength drains away like water My mouth so dry My heart turned to wax Why am I forsaken


Darkness did fall on all the land

Temple curtain torn in two Then a loud


Jesus did cry out it is now



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In the greyness, in the blackness see the candle burning brightly

In the sadness in the numbness know the Holy Spirit gently guides


Sing  Alleluia Sing  Alleluia Sing  Alleluia where you are

Sing  Alleluia Sing  Alleluia Sing  Alleluia where you are


Hold the gospel live in Jesus breathe in the balm of healing

In the dryness in the unknown walk in step with Father God


Holy Jesus dear beloved lift me in this time stumble hold me upright

Guide me clearly through the valley of my doubting


Praise for Jesus interceding every moment of being thankful hearts

Bring forward praising lifting to the heavenly throne

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Jer 7:1

I have placed you in a spacious place.

Go forth humbly with your God

I have extended now your boundaries.

Go forth joyfully with your God


Stand in the gate of the Lord's house.

And proclaim His salvation

The Lord now welcomes you to know

His truth all the people of this town


Enter at these gates to worship

Worship Jesus Christ the Lord

Amend your ways and your choices

And repent of all your wrong


Welcome here the father motherless

And the widower and widow

Place no other goals before the Lord

Nor speak unkindly of each other




I will bless this house called by my name

Where in you trust and pray together

Listen to my voice in obedience

So you will dwell in me in  peace

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Lk 10: 38-42

Mt 25: 31-46


What did you do Jesus asks you

Sheep on the right they are God's delight

Left for the goats done little He notes.

Be a sheep not a goat be a sheep baa


Little girl starving nothing left to eat

Ten days walking weary feet

Her brother sobs pain more pain.

When will they have a meal again


One pair of jeans with knees all torn

Precious one looks so forlorn

Thin Tee shirt in bitter cold

Just too much for a three year old


Ashumi's home a plastic sheet

Tied to a wall in a busy street

When the sun shines he's O. K.

Monsoon time wet night and day  

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Isaías 41:10

No temas, no temas, sabes que

Yo estoy contigo, contigo

no dudes, no dudes,oyéme

Yo soy tu Dios para siempre


Te fortalezco, te ayudo

Mi diestra victoriosa

Te sostendrá, te sostendrá

Alégrate en tu Señor


No fear, no fear, no distress

Know that I am with forever

Have no doubts do not be dismayed

I am your Lord now and for always


I will be your strength and your helper

Uphold you and guide all your steps

With my righteousness I’ll protect you

So trust delight in my name

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