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Rook pie: the road to riches

Chapters include:

One evening meal we were greeted by the appetising sight of a large pastry covered pie.

“What’s in it Mum?”  enquired one hungry Houghton.


“Yes, but what kind of meat?”

“Don’t be fussy, you are lucky to have food, just try it,” countered our hard working cook.

It was a light brown coloured meat, maybe a bit darker than rabbit almost the colour of jugged hare. ...  

On the road to riches what is our goal? Maybe we will not become £ millionaires. But if we take on some of the lessons shared in these memoirs we will embrace a different type of wealth of sizeable proportions: lasting friendships around the world; stories of challenge and amusement to share in conversation; love given and love received to support, encourage and sustain; new skills acquired, knowledge and awareness of the intricate world in which we live; and memories to enrich our old age.

Book 2 extract
Tony, Heather, Chloe and Laurence Houghton


2nd volume of
fun memoirs with
a message for life

Ben Armacost

founder, AIM Trainers (

author of Bridge to the Beautiful City


Children, with their vivid imaginations, dream of many things.  Some want to grow up to be great musicians or actors that entertain the masses.  Others aspire to be scientists or engineers that make discoveries or innovate the way we live.  And there are those who dream of nothing more than to become rich, as in their minds they surmise that material wealth will yield unlimited happiness.

As we grow and mature into young adults, however, our dreams of fame, influence, or wealth quickly become tempered by reality.  Few of us achieve our lofty dreams of childhood, and we soon find ourselves learning to redefine our existence according to the world around us.  Rarely do people grow up becoming rich and famous-is this the stuff of shattered dreams?

In this book, Tony Houghton shares a multitude of stories that take me back to my own childhood years on the farm in rural Maryland on America's eastern seaboard.  How amazing that two men growing up on opposite sides of the Atlantic could share so many common experiences.  Whether you grew up with tractors, cows, pigs, fences, or green pastures, I suppose rural people from all over the world share an undeniable kinship.  

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