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Chapters include:

Tony, Heather, Chloe and Laurence Houghton
“First Fruits”
3rd volume of
fun memoirs  and
business tales
with life lessons

Peter Wiles FCA

Past Chair of Rope Charitable Trust


“It is good to reflect on a life well led, from work experiences to family life, from travel and past-times to service for others and especially to see the hand of God in each aspect of life.  Tony has experienced much thus far, and he has much more to come, we can all learn from his reflections.  

We travel across the world for work and pleasure and gain some insights to some aspects of business and personal relationships.  We listen in to some intriguing conversations with some special moments 'down on the farm'.

From each chapter in life, here is drawn some fruit for us to dwell on and drink in deeply, fruit of lessons learnt but more particularly evidence of the fruit that is borne of the Holy Spirit who indwells each Christian and develops our life to be more fragrant with evidence of God in our lives.  Here Galatians chapter five is brought to life.

As you read this story, be encouraged by the joys that life can bring and seek more of the Spirit to fill your life and bless others.”

“Yesterday I competed in the Welsh National Indoor Rowing Championships,” I announced. “I came fifth in my class.”

For the first time in one of my sermons applause broke out!

“Hang on a minute, I need to tell you that there were only five in my age and light weight class! However, I did beat my personal best for 2000m. And that’s the point in life, isn’t it: to strive to do better. To train regularly and set out to improve your performance. It doesn’t matter what others are doing. Don’t compare too much, it’s how you can go further or faster against the odds.”


Whether it is sport, health or food, consultancy to journalism, pioneer travel to international business, education, personal example or communication: the first steps are important. They take courage, discipline and forethought. Be patient but not lazy, wise but not rash about the timing of action. The fruit from stepping out and committing those first efforts to the cause will bring back a harvest of richer experience.

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