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Book 4 Devotional.

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Glory to God

I give glory to God for the way he has used me to bless others through preaching and teaching:


Book 4 - a devotional

Whatever your extent of faith in God, the purpose of this book is to give you two bite sized articles to read and reflect on each week: to challenge, help and guide your journey through life. I have assumed limited prior Bible knowledge.

There are many books available that give you a thought and reflection for every day. By giving you something regularly to read through the year but less often I hope that there is not so much pressure of obligation and more joy of exploring when you have time.

The Lord is with you -12 original tracks



Heather write’s: “Thanks to my husband, Tony,  who arranged many of the words, my son Laurence, who wrote the words of one track and my daughter, Chloe, whose art work features on the CD sleeve and through the website.

Heather Houghton’s CD
title: “Strong for
the Week”
Tony Houghton author
Tony, Heather, Chloe and Laurence Houghton

“Thanks to the wonderful work of Andy Laurence who produced the tracks, provided the instrumentals and played the keyboard on many tracks.


“It was such a joy to work with him, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thanks too, to Joy Hindson who played the violin on a couple of tracks. “

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I have set out to give you a light and easy read exploring the accounts from the Bible and transferring the wisdom they contain into the every day issues of life.

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